Lee Chan

Cộng tác viên cao cấp của dự án


Environmental Specialist, Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Management


University of Toronto, Environmental Science (1993)


Lee Chan specializes in environmental monitoring and evaluation and has 21 years of experience with public works in the Canadian federal government.  He has project-managed a wide variety of studies and works in successful delivery of client services related to construction and studies, specification development, ecological surveying and management, solid waste audits, contaminated sites investigation, environmental impact assessments, hazardous materials management, wastewater and groundwater monitoring, potable water quality management and monitoring, and ISO 14001 environmental management, and environmental compliance auditing.

Lee has also contributed his expertise and capacity in addressing sustainability and climate change issues in Vietnam.  Since 2010 he has worked pro bono in sustainability and climate change research.  During 2017-2019 Lee project-managed a successful amphibious housing pilot project in the Mekong Delta supported by the Global Resilience Partnership (in partnership with the Rockefeller Center, US Aid, SIDA and Zurich Insurance).  This involved retrofitting homes to float and thus assisted farmers in building resilience during annual delta flooding.

His interests include circular economic development and climate resilience/adaptation of various sectors in particularly for underprivileged populations as well as community-based agricultural-based green infrastructure development within urban areas.  One of the many research was the development of a Sustainable City proposal for Ho Chi Minh City (2013) as a side interest.  His vision for the future is to continue to contribute to the development of a sustainable and resilient Vietnam by using his experiences and expertise, and applying academic research in environmental issues.