On March 9, 2022, ICED co-organized the virtual workshop “Sustainable Consumption and Production: A Circular Economy’s Perspective” with The University of Tokyo to discuss and exchange research work and ideas regarding sustainable production and consumption and the circular economy concept.

During 2 hours, experts and participants shared, exchanged, and discussed enthusiastically, issues related to the Circular Economy (CE) and tools used in sustainable production and consumption, which include topics presented by Professors from the University of Tokyo such as “Scenario design approach to envisioning sustainable consumption and production” (Dr. Yusuke Kishita), “Environmental potential of sharing economy from life cycle perspective” (Dr. Eri Amasawa) and “Design research on Product-Service Systems and remanufacturing towards circular economy” (Dr. Koji Kimita); from the ICED side, Dr. Nguyen Minh Tu also shared the results from the research “The indicator system to evaluate the implementation of the SDG 12 on Sustainable Production and Consumption for enterprises in Vietnam” and Dr. Ho Long Phi (enCity, Vietnam) introduced the “MOTA tool for strategic planning and implementation”.

The ICED-UTokyo Virtual Workshop on “Sustainable Consumption and Production: A Circular Economy’s Perspective” not only creates a mark of initial success in sharing and exchanging academic knowledge about CE, research, and tools which is still quite new in Vietnam but also affirms ICED’s determination in the mission of connecting Vietnam with the world in research and development of the circular economy model.

workshop's presentations