On 14th December 2021, ICED and Mr. Jelmer Hoogzaad (Shifting Paradigms) have held a meeting to discuss potential collaboration in the field of the circular economy (CE).

From the ICED side, Associate. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hong Quan, Dr. Le Quang Dung, and Dr. Nguyen Minh Tu have participated in the meeting. Dr. Quan has presented to Mr. Hoogzaad about ICED’s mission, vision and activities. Mr. Jelmer has share about his work on circular economy, climate change mitigation and adaption, especially his recent projects with on CE for Lao PDR, The Gambia, (archipelago) Vanuatu, Almaty City (Kazakhstan) and The GEF , and. The discussion was a great opportunity for both ICED and Shifting Paradigms to learn about each side’s expertise and to explore potential areas for future collaboration between the two organizations.

Mr. Jelmer Hoogzaad

Shifting Paradigms

Mr. Jelmer Hoogzaad is a climate change mitigation and circular economy expert, supporting organisations with identifying and developing circular mitigation options. His systems’ or metabolic analysis places a company or jurisdiction in a broader system of material flows. Subsequent data visualizations support the development of a joint vision of a circular, low-carbon future, while a structured dialogue between decision-makers allows them to define their own role in accelerating the transition.

This goes beyond the search for readymade solutions for sub-problems or even symptoms and enables deep cuts in the emissions of greenhouse gasses, waste disposal and excessive extraction of finite resources. Jelmer speaks Russian and has worked and lived for longer periods of time in Finland, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

(Source: https://www.shiftingparadigms.nl/team/)