On 6th October 2021, ICED and Dr. Ke Wang (Knowledge Lead of PACE) have held a meeting to discuss potential collaboration in the field of the circular economy (CE).

From the ICED side, Associate. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hong Quan, Dr. Tran Thien Khanh, Dr. Nguyen Minh Tu and MSc. Le Ba Nhat Minh have participated in the meeting. After a short introduction of participants in the meeting, Dr. Wang introduced the PACE organization and the application of the CE concept in several countries (China, EU), the issues of CE indicators, and a common framework to measure CE across regions. Dr. Quan then responded to Dr. Wang’s ideas by suggesting potential areas for collaboration, including joint seminars and the establishment of a connection between the two organizations, such as a CE alliance. Dr. Quan further introduced the current status of CE application in Vietnam, some major activities of ICED, and the institute’s visions and targets regarding interdisciplinary research, collaborations with government agencies and sharing of knowledge and lessons learned with other countries. Both ICED and Dr. Wang agreed that there is some common synergies between the two organizations. ICED and Dr. Wang will foster the connection and knowledge and information exchange via the forms of giving talks in seminars, or developing CE alliance and networking in the field of CE, etc. in order to spread the ideas throughout Asia countries and be able to attract more experts to join the CE network.

Dr. Ke Wang

Knowledge Lead of PACE

Dr. Ke Wang oversees content development and knowledge management at PACE. She has led the development of the Circular Economy Action Agenda, integrating insights from over 100 organizations, designed as a rallying call for business, government, and civil society. Furthermore, Ke has been a driving force behind mobilizing the PACE community to turn the calls-to-action into actual, impactful action.

Prior to PACE, Ke had over ten years of experience leading interdisciplinary research and innovation teams in both public and private sectors, including setting up large European projects. She holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Stanford University and an Executive MBA from Rotterdam School of Management.