On June 16th, 2021, a meeting between the Institute for Circular Economy Development (ICED), Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City, and Vietnamese – German University (VGU) was held to explore collaboration in circular economy and remanufacturing.

For this meeting, ICED was represented by Associate Professor NGUYEN Hong Quan – Director of ICED, Dr. DANG Thuong Huyen, Dr. NGUYEN Minh Tu, MSc. THACH Phuoc Hung, MSc. LE Ba Nhat Minh, and MSc. TRAN Thi Diem Phuc while Vietnamese – German University was represented by Dr. Thomas GUIDAT, who is an expert in Industrial Engineering, Remanufacturing and Circular Economy.

In the meeting, ICED and VGU discussed collaboration towards circular economy in relevant topics such as business models, linkages between digitalization and circular economy, and standards of technology towards Industry 4.0, 3D printing. Prof. Nguyen was also pleased to share ICED current projects while Dr. Guidat shared his past experiences in teaching and research in the fields of circular economy in Brazil, Germany and Vietnam as well as opportumities for collaboration with international institutions, especially GIZ – German Corporation for International Cooperation in development projects which fields of action and expertise are really similar to ICED’s directions.

Both parties also discussed future collaboration activities including organizing training workshops or submitting joint research proposals to different partners as well as sharing on best practices to improve the results of their current projects.

Thomas Guidat is the Director of the Industrial Relations and Technology Transfer Center (IRTTC) at VGU and an Integrated Expert from the Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM) program, jointly developed by the GIZ and the German Federal Employment Agency (ZAV) . Dr. Guidat has experiences in industrial engineering research applied to remanufacturing operations planning, and is supporting the transfer of study programs from Germany to Vietnam since 2015. He accompanies development initiatives for a global transition to circular economy and sustainable production and consumption patterns.

(Source: https://vgu.edu.vn/vi/faculty-of-engineering1?fam=74686F6D61732E6775696461744054686F6D617320477569646174