On May 11, 2021, a meeting between the Institute for Circular Economy Development (ICED), Vietnam National University-Ho Chi Minh City, and Hull University, United Kingdom was held to explore collaboration in the research area, in particular related to joint research projects and publications.

For this meeting, ICED was represented by Associate Professor NGUYEN Hong Quan – Director of ICED, Dr. NGUYEN Kieu Lan Phuong, Mr. BUI Le Thanh Khiet, and Ms. TRAN Thi Diem Phuc while Hull University was represented by Professor Pauline Deutz, who is an expert in Sustainable Development and Circular Economy and her Ph.D. student Jana Busch.

In the meeting, ICED and University of Hull discussed collaboration regarding plastics used on campus. This is the project under “ongoing research” of the Circular Plastics project: (https://circularplastics.hull.ac.uk/). Prof. Pauline Deutz shared her opinions about the working activities. ICED also gave feedback on these activities.

The meeting also discussed future collaboration activities including organizing a workshop and surveys related to plastic usage on the VNU campus in September, conducting interviews with VNU staff and students live on the campus in the following months.

About Prof. Pauline Deutz

Pauline Deutz is a Professor in Sustainable Development and Circular Economy at Hull University, United Kingdom. She is a board member of the International Sustainable Development Research Society, having been president 2019-20 and vice president 2012-2018.

She is an expert on undergraduate programs in sustainable futures, green economy and on postgraduate programs in working beyond disciplines, circular economy. She’s interested in political and economic aspects of environmental issues, especially examining how the latter interrelate with the functioning and organization of the capitalist economy. She’s particularly interested in building, and implicating Circular Economy (i.e., maximizing the value from resources and minimizing waste).

(Source: https://www.hull.ac.uk/staff-directory/pauline-deutz)