On April 28, 2021 a meeting between the Institute for Circular Economy Development (ICED) and Carbon Credits Group have been hold for introducing their organization’s vision and operation, business model and finding common topics between the two organizations.

On the side of ICED, there were participations of Associate Professor NGUYEN Hoang Quan – Director of ICED, Dr. DANG Thuong Huyen, Dr. LE Quang Dung, Dr. NGUYEN Kieu Lan Phuong, Ms. TRAN Thi Diem Phuc, Mr. LE Ba Nhat Minh, while Mr. Thomas G. Giglione was the representation of the Carbon Credits Group.

On the behalf of ICED, Prof. Quan introduced four main thematic team at ICED and shared that carbon sequestration is an emerging topic which closely related to carbon neutrality in a circular economy. Afterward, Dr. Dung and Dr. Huyen mentioned contacts in Japan who are working on CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) and JCM (Joint Credit Mechanism). Mr. Thomas shared information of his experiences as guest lecture at two universities based in Hanoi regarding sustainability topic and working with smart farming project using IoT technique, drip irrigation. Carbon sequence and smart agriculture will be key topic that ICED and Carbon Credits Group have potentials to cooperate in the near future. Furthermore, short training course is in high demand to expand carbon market that the two institutions are keen on.

About Carbon Credits Group

The “Carbon Credits Group” is a Vietnamese Canadian joint venture company founded by Guaranteed Original that provides traceability and digital identity solutions using Blockchain technology.

The traceability of the goods and services market is a global business, and when customers demand to know the authenticity and source of the carbon credits they are buying, the digital identity of carbon offsets is much more important today.

The goal of the Carbon Credits Group is to provide consistent end to end visibility within the supply chain of carbon offsets using “Permissioned Blockchain Technology” to incorporate voluntary carbon offsets, including the integration of established consumer loyalty program.
(Source: The Carbon Credits Group)