On April 23, 2021, a meeting between the Institute for Circular Economy Development (ICED), Vietnam National University-Ho Chi Minh City and Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia was held to explore collaboration in research area, in particular related to joint research projects and publications.

For this meeting, ICED was represented by Associate Professor NGUYEN Hong Quan – Director of ICED and Dr. NGUYEN Kieu Lan Phuong while Griffith University was represented by Associate Professor Sunil Herat who is an expert in Waste Management and Circular Economy.

On behalf of ICED, Prof. Quan introduced four main thematic teams at ICED and shared his role as one of the advisors working on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) implementation in  Vietnam, expected to be launched in 2022. Prof. Herat, afterwards, shared his work with the United Nations in relation E-waste management in Asia Pacific region including Vietnam. He invited ICED team to write a joint review paper on E-waste in Vietnam.

The meeting also discussed future collaboration activities including organizing a workshop/webinar related to Circular Economy and Waste Management, writing a review paper on E-waste in Vietnam, designing short courses on Circular Economy, and setting up a specialist group working on E-waste and Circular Economy to assist the government to tackle the E-waste issue.

About Assoc. Prof. Sunil Herat

Sunil Herat is an Associate Professor in Waste Management and Circular Economy at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. He is a member of the Expert Subsidiary Group of Regional 3R and Circular Economy Forum of Asia and Pacific. A/Prof Herat has over 20 years’ experience in waste management, particularly on issues and challenges related to developing economies.

He is an expert on training programs in municipal solid waste management, hazardous waste management and cleaner production and eco-efficiency, and circular economy and has extensive experience in training waste management professionals within Australia and in Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Thailand, and Pacific Islands (Fiji). In terms of electronic waste (E-waste), he is an adviser to the United Nations on the issues developing countries with a particular focus on policy development and regulatory aspects. He is also researching issues associated with implementing 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) activities in developing countries primarily related to E-waste and plastic waste regarding policy aspects such as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).