Issued on June 6, 2022


Circular Economy Alliance partners with a diverse range of stakeholders, whether they are well established or just embarking on their circular economy journey with purpose-driven missions to safeguard our planet’s longevity. Partners who are willing and dare to embrace change that makes our world a better place. Each of our partnerships is focused, ambitious and collaborative, delivering a joint effort that accelerates our pace in transitioning towards a more sustainable future. Change becomes a reality with shared values, determination, prompt actions, and long-term commitment.

This certificate verifies that the holder is an official partner of Circular Economy Alliance. As such, they join forces to promote awareness of Circular Economy, exchange good practises, engage in knowledge and technology transfer, and become a collective knowledge hub that empowers a coordinated and expedited transition. The holder of the certificate is enabled to:

  • Exchange logos and host them on the official website and communication channels using the verifiable means provided by the Accredible.
  • Participate in co-creating and co-innovating solutions in support of the transformation efforts of public and private entities in their path to comply with principles, values, and guidelines of Circular Economy and alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Promote the partnership on their newsletter, social media, and other official communication channels as a means to raise awareness and invite their respective networks to join and support the partnership
  • Promote events, news, programs, and initiatives within their networks upon reception of the marketing and communication materials from the delivering party. • Participate in organised value-driven thematic workshops dedicated to specific implementation areas of Circular Economy.
  • Participate in joint research activities and other solution-oriented symposiums to address real-life problems in a data-driven approach.


About Circular Economy Alliance

We are a dedicated, committed and knowledge-driven organization with an exclusive focus on paving the path for a seamless transition to Circular Economy. Our home lies on solid data-driven foundations, and our doors are always open to learners who are determined to uplift their capacity and be drivers of change. We get empowered every single time we bridge the circular economy knowledge gap shipping us away from linearity. We are humbled by of our accomplishments but proud and vocal when sharing them collectively and collaboratively. Circular Economy Community is our family, and we are grateful for its dynamic growth and excited for its remarkable achievements.