Dr. Truong Nhi

Senior Research Associate

Expertise area

Energy and Technology Transition

Urban Sustainability

Circular Economy

Environmental policy

Sustainable Consumption and Production


  • Doctor of Philosophy – Tohoku University (Japan) – Division of Environment and Economics Dissertation: Socio-technical barriers to sustainable urban consumption: The case of urban mobility in developing Asian countries
  • Master of Science – Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand) – Division of Urban Innovation and Sustainability Thesis: Capacity Assessment on Ecolabel Implementation: Case of Vietnam Green Label
  • Bachelor of Science – Quy Nhon University (Vietnam) – Division of English

Selected publications

  1. Truong, N., Trencher, G., Yarime. M, Barrett B. & Matsubae, K. (TBC) Barriers to the adoption of electric cars and electric motorcycles in a developing city: The case of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. – Under review by Journal of Technological Forecast and Social Change
  2. Trencher, G., Rinscheid, A., Rosenbloom, D., Koppenborg, F., Truong, N., & Temocin, P. (2022). Mapping the contours of an emerging phase out science. – Under review by One Earth
  3. Trencher, G., Rinscheid, A., Rosenbloom, D., Truong, N., (2022). The rise of phase-out as a critical decarbonisation approach: A systematic review. – Accepted by Environmental Research Letters
  4. Truong, N., Trencher, G., & Matsubae, K. How Does Socio-Technical Lock-In Cause Unsustainable Consumption in Cities? A Framework and Case Study on Mobility in Bangkok. Frontiers in Sustainable Cities, 4, 770984. (2022).
  5. Trencher, G., Truong, N., Temocin, P., & Duygan, M. Top-down sustainability transitions in action: How do incumbent actors drive electric mobility diffusion in China, Japan, and California? Energy Research & Social Science, 79, 102184. (2021).
  6. Trencher, G., Rinscheid, A., Duygan, M., Truong, N., & Asuka, J. Revisiting carbon lock-in in energy systems: explaining the perpetuation of coal power in Japan. Energy Research & Social Science, 69, 101770. (2020)