Dr. Phung Quoc Huy

Senior Associate Research Scientist


  • Cô lập khí CO2 xuống vỉa than.
  • Độ thẩm thấu khí, khả năng hấp thụ khí CO2 của vỉa than.
  • Kinh tế các bon tuần hoàn (4R) và trung hòa các bon.
  • Giảm phát thải khí nhà kính trong lĩnh vực năng lượng.
  • Các giải pháp giảm thiểu phát thải khí Carbon trong thành phố.
  • Tháo khí mê tan từ các mỏ than hầm lò, an toàn mỏ, thông gió mỏ.
  • Nâng cao an toàn bằng phương pháp đánh giá và quản lý rủi ro, Kaizen-5S.
  • Kinh tế năng lượng.


Tiến sỹ Kỹ thuật, chuyên ngành Tài nguyên trái đất


Phung Quoc Huy holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (Vietnam), Master of Engineering, and Ph.D. in Earth Resources Engineering from Kyushu University (Japan).

He started working as a researcher at the Institute of Mining Science and Technology (Vietnam) from 1999 to 2019. He has participated in various research projects related to methane gas emission, mine ventilation, coal mine gas explosion, spontaneous combustion, risk management and assessment, mine safety, greenhouse gases emission, CO2 sequestration, and energy policies.

In 2020, as a researcher at the Faculty of Engineering (Kyushu University), he was involved in measuring CO2 flux from the soil surface to develop a threshold line for alert of CO2 leakage possibility from geological storage sites.

He is currently working at the Asia Pacific Energy Research Center (APERC). He is interested in energy demand and supply projection, energy policies, Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS), CO2 emission monitoring, and Low-carbon towns.


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