Dr. Nguyen Kieu Lan Phuong

Senior Research Fellow

Research area

  • Circular city and industrial symbiosis; smart city and IoT.
  • Hazardous and solid waste management; Extended producer responsibility for plastic waste, e-waste.
  • Data analysis using statistical tools and machine learning.
  • Environmental psychology for environmental education toward circular economy.
  • Environmental pollution in coastal areas under the pressure of industrial and agricultural activities.

education & certificates

Doctoral degree in Environmental Science

Selected publications

  • Nguyen, K. L. P., Chuang, Y. H., Chen, H. W., & Chang, C. C. (2020). Impacts of socioeconomic changes on municipal solid waste characteristics in Taiwan. Resources, Conservation and Recycling161, 104931.
  • Nguyen, K. L. P., Chuang, Y. H., Yu, R. F., Chen, C. Y., & Chen, H. W. (2020). Roles of Socio-Physical Environments on Air Quality Control Policy with Respect to Knowledge, Attitude and Intention. Journal of Cleaner Production, 125735.
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  • Chuang, Y. H., Huang, W. J., Nguyen, K. L. P., Chen, W. Y., Yu, R. F., & Chen, H. W. (2019). Redundancy analysis for characterizing the groundwater quality in coastal industrial areas. Environmental Forensics20(1), 77-91.
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