TS. Lê Quang Dũng

Dr. Le Quang Dung

Senior Expert – Head of Coastal and Island Circular Economy unit

Research area


  • Environmental risk assessment of industrial effluent discharges,
  • Impacts of hazardous chemicals in marine ecosystems and human health
  • Micro plastic pollution

Product stewardship

  • Product safety and hazard
  • Product life cycle assessment

Fisheries science

  • Impact of climate change on fisheries
  • Fish migration
  • Marine food chain/web

education & certificates

PhD in Aquatic Bioscience, University of Tokyo, Japan

Selected publications

  • Yin Fui Siau, Dung Quang Le, Suhaimi Suratman, Saifullah Arifn Jaaman, Kentaro Tanaka, Shirai Kotaro, 2021. Seasonal variation of total mercury transfer through a tropical mangrove food web, Setiu Wetlands. Marine Pollution Bulletin 162, 111878
  • Giovanna Wolswijk, Behara Satyanarayana, Dung Quang Le, Yin Fui Siau, Ahmad Nazila Bin Ali, Ibrahim Sunkanmi Saliu, Muhammad Amir Bin Fisol, Cristina Gonnelli, Farid Dahdouh-Guebas. 2020. Distribution of mercury in sediments, plant and animal tissues in Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve, Malaysia. Journal of Hazardous Materials 387, 121665.
  • Liam Lachs, Nur Arbaen B. M. J., Dung Quang Le, Zainudin Bachok, Kochzius M., Tenaka K., Baker D. M., Duprey N., Shirai K., 2019. Effects of tourism-derived sewage on Malaysian island coral reefs: a pilot isotopic assessment identifies effective bioindicators. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 148:85-96.
  • Quang Dung Le, Tanaka K., Hii Y. S., Sano Y., Nanjo K., Shirai K., 2018. Importance of seagrass-mangrove continuum as feeding grounds for juvenile Pink ear emperor Lethrinus lentjan in Setiu lagoon, Malaysia: stable isotope approach. Journal of Sea Research, 135, 1-10.
  • Quang Dung Le, Takada H., Yamashita R., Mizukawa K., Hosoda J., Tuyet DA., 2016. Temporal and spatial changes in persistent organic pollutants in Vietnamese coastal waters detected from plastic resin pellets. Marine Pollution Bulletin, doi:10.1016/j.marpolbul.2016.05.063

Current projects

  • Environmental risk-based assessments of effluent discharges in downstream operation activities in PETRONAS.
  • Understanding the effects of anthropological disturbances on health of coastal ecosystem through the food web from mangrove Setiu wetland
  • Geochemical record in corals as proxy for metal pollution and sea surface temperature historical monitoring