On August 03, 2021, the Institute for Circular Economy Development (ICED) (Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh city) and Dr. Anne Velenturf, University of Leeds had an online meeting (via Microsoft Teams) to discuss potential research collaborations in the future.

Meeting attendants from the ICED were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hong QUAN (Director), Dr. Le Quang DUNG, Dr. Nguyen Minh TU, Dr. Thach Phuoc HUNG, Mr. Bui Le Thanh KHIET.


Dr. Anne Velenturf, University of Leeds

ICED invited Dr. Anne to engage in an online meeting to discuss Circular Economy and find a partnership for future collaboration. Both found common interests in industrial symbiosis and the role of ecology (nature-based solutions) for economic development perspectives. Dr. Anne talked about her projects such as integrating circular economy in energy infrastructure (primarily offshore wind) and supporting circular economy in Yorkshire. She introduced Yorkshire Circular Lab which is a living lab that supports companies, government bodies and communities in their transition towards a circular economy, and she also mentioned the work of International Synergies who developed national industrial symbiosis programmes around the world. Both went through some discussions on behavior changes and experiments in the circle economy living lab, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and infrastructure of renewable energy in Vietnam, the UK, and Europe, and concerns of potential environmental pollution caused by solar panels. Both also discussed publishing papers and book chapters together on some aspects of circular economy and Dr. Anne would also welcome a further co-editor for a special issue on political economy in the Circular Economy Section in Frontiers. The meeting achieved fruitful outcomes since ICED and Dr. Anne made the first steps for collaboration such as writing papers and preparing proposals to apply for funding. IECD and Dr. Anne look forward to having further meetings for more detailed discussion about concrete studies on Circular Economy.

Dr Anne Velenturf

Dr Anne Velenturf is a Senior Research Fellow in Circular Economy at the School of Civil Engineering, and Visiting Research Fellow at Cranfield University. She is also an Engagement Excellence Fellow and Policy Lead at Leeds, and regularly advises government bodies, research councils and industry. Positioned on the interface of research and practice, she integrates research, knowledge exchange and impact as Technical Programme Manager of the Transforming Foundation Industries Research and Innovation Hub ‘TransFIRe’, leads the interdisciplinary Wind Energy Lifecycle Sustainability group at Leeds and the Yorkshire Circular Lab.


Previously, Anne coordinated Resource Recovery from Waste which enabled radical change in resources and waste management in UK government strategy and industry practice. She holds a PhD in industrial symbiosis (waste to resource innovation) from the University of Surrey. She specialised in participation process management during her Masters at the University of East Anglia and her Bachelors in wildlife management from Van Hall Larenstein in the Netherlands.


More information on Dr. Anne Velenturf is available on https://eps.leeds.ac.uk/civil-engineering/staff/850/dr-anne-velenturf