Free Access to an article entitled Developing an ANN-based Early Warning Model for Airborne Particulate Matters in River Banks Areas which has been published by Dr. Nguyen Kieu Lan Phuong- a Research Associate at ICED- and her colleagues.

Dr. Phuong has published the article on prestigious journal Expert Systems with Applications (IF = 5.452). The study has highlighted that an early warning model should be developed to reduce significant property and health risks posed by river dust storm, particularly using high concentrations of airborne particulate matter from the past river episodes records. The system combines artificial neural network-based prediction model and three sampling strategies, which aim to increase the quality of input data. Finally, the model which considers the characteristics of both environmental media and pollution sources achieved the most accurate among others and obtained R-square in this study fell high portion of the range comparing with prior studies.

Readers who are interested in the article could access freely within 50 days, before August 06, 2021 with the following link