On February 22nd, 2021, the Institute for Circular Economy Development (ICED) and International Institute for Environmental Studies (IIES-Trent University, Canada) convened an online meeting (via Zoom) to discuss potential research collaborations between the two institutes but also between ICED/VNU and 21 partner universities in the IIES’ international collaborative network.

Meeting attendants from the ICED were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hong Quan (Director), Dr. Nguyen Kieu Lan Phuong, Dr. Le Quang Dung and Mr. Bui Le Thanh Khiet. From the IIES, Emeritus Prof. Dr. Doug Evans (Director) and Assistant Prof. Dr. Huy Dang participated in the meeting.

On behalf of the ICED, Dr. Quan Nguyen introduced the vision, targets, and main activities of the institute. Dr. Doug Evans also presented the IIES’ research programs, facilities, and international collaborations. Both parties then discussed further collaborations in terms of ICED/VNU becoming a new member of the IIES network, development of research proposals, opportunities for student exchanges among member universities, and a joint conference on the circular economy. Dr. Evans agreed with Dr. Nguyen’s suggestion that the ICED will host a seminar during the summer of 2021 to mark the commencement of an international collaborative effort. The meeting achieved fruitful outcomes since both the ICED and IIES shared similar research interests and orientations on circular economy studies. Both institutes are willing to develop further collaborative research activities in the near future in a few topics of vital interest, including recycling of electronic waste.

About the IIES:

The International Institute for Environmental Studies -Trent University has grown out of international collaborations among a number of universities around the globe that have leading programs in environmental science, engineering, and policy. While every institution recognizes the importance of internationalization and especially of providing opportunities for students and faculty to be involved in research of an international scale, most institutions also recognize that there is room for improvement in how this experience is delivered. The Institute is a response to this need. More information is available on the IIES website.